#92 Second St.

The crime scene of the infamous Borden murders is still intact with only minor changes to the floor plan. The house which was built as a two-family home for Charles Trafton in 1845 occupies the same space as it always has, the doors, moldings, and woodwork have not changed although many owners have come and gone. The Leary Press, once attached to the south end of the house was removed around 2005 and the side yard looks much the same as it did in 1892.

The Bordens arrived at the house in 1872 when Lizzie was about 12 years old. Initially Lizzie had the small side bedroom on the second floor in the middle of the house. After her European tour of 1890, Emma offered the outer, larger room to Lizzie, which Lizzie occupied until she moved into Maplecroft in 1893. The following videos will give an idea of the rooms within the house, and will focus on what is original to the home. Please like and subscribe to our channel if you have found these videos to be useful.

Lizzie and Emma retained ownership of #92 until 1918.

Emma and Lizzie’s bedrooms and the Master Suite
Bridget’s Room & Third Floor
The Borden back yard
Abby Durfee Gray Borden around 1865
Why did Lizzie make a second trip down there on the night of the murders? Is there something still hidden in the walls of the cellar?
If walls could talk!