Victorian Fashion

  Here are some links for reproduction 1890’s garments, vintage clothing, and sites about fashion of the late nineteenth century which feature men’s and women’s styles.  Enjoy! 

          The Gentleman’s Page

          Victorian Top Sites/ Accessories

          Dressing Victorian Children-

          Ladies of Re-enacting Resource Links

          The Victorian Trading Co., reproductions

          Victoriana – free download of vintage magazines, and more

          The Gentleman’s Emporium- reproductions also ladies’ garments and accessories

1890’s evening wear

Harper House Vintage patterns for men and women

Truly Victorian Costume patterns, online catalogue 


River Junction reproduction clothing

Recollections, premiere site for reproduction fashions and accessories for men and ladies

Costumer’s Manifesto, Victorian menswear, best link for costume history

Victorian Mourning

Fashion Era .com  Everything Victorian 1830-1900

3 thoughts on “Victorian Fashion”

  1. Anonymous said:

    no answer to my question? hhhhhhmmmmm wonder if anyone really reads this?

    • I would suggest Victorian Homes Magazine for starters. There are many books on the topic. Just go to and type in Victorian furniture or Victorian decor. The internet is full of ideas. Google “Victorian Home Decoration”. I am not sure that this is the site for home decor tips.

  2. Anonymous said:

    i’m looking for a site that has victorian furniture. moving to a house built in 1900 and would to try and recreate that time in my furniture. need ideas.

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