Lizzie: Portraits in Time Colorized

Sometimes color can add a whole new dimension to the well-known black and white photos with which we are all familiar. The Borden case is of great interest today as it was in 1892, and thus colorizing photographs of Lizzie , in a way, makes her seem contemporary. Colorization here is accomplished via A.I. software and Photoshop, and gives the illusion we might be able to speak to her today. (W&W logo indicates colorization process only)

School Girl
Young Lizzie
Pretty in pink with globe and arrow earrings
circa 1877
Her eyes, her most arresting feature
The pansy brooch, most recognized image of Lizzie
circa 1893, Newport at the Covell House on Farewell St.
circa 1893-
1905 at age 45
1916 with Laddie Miller at Maplecroft
1922 at age 62 (private collection)
1922 (private collection)