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  • A Gentler Side of Lizzie Borden

    It’s seldom one hears about life with Lizzie at Maplecroft.  From time to time nuggets of her day-to-day life are revealed by guests who stay at #92 Second Street – guests whose grandparents had seen or had spoken to Lizzie in the years before her death in 1927, or those who had worked for her in various capacities. One guest spoke of how Lizzie kept small  foil-wrapped peppermint patties in a dish inside the front doors of Maplecroft in case a child might wander into her yard.  This was confirmed by another guest whose father was welcomed into the  foyer at Maplecroft when he was a tyke, and given candy and kind words by Miss Lizzie.  We hear of her concern for animals, and many anonymous gifts of cash to worthy causes and to people in need.  Her chauffeur’s son was assisted financially by Miss Borden in his quest for a medical school education, another child was helped with camp fees, veterinarian’s fees were paid when a dog was struck by a car and the owner was too poor to pay.

    All of this paints another picture of what we have all come to think of Lizzie Borden.  She was a multi-dimensional personality.  Now the story of  the little girl who was not afraid to bring Lizzie milk and eggs has been written , with more insights on one of Fall River’s old families, and the kindness of Lizzie Borden.  To read this article by Jack Faria, please click on Another Side of Lizzie Borden at the top of the page, or click on this link :