• After the Murders-a new Lizzie Play

    after the murders

    (photo credit) CELIA FRANK/For Shorelines
    Susan Roche (left) plays Emma Borden and Karen Garrett is Lizzie Borden in “After the Murders: The Quest of Lizzie Borden,” which will open Friday at Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre.

    Lizzie’s on stage again -this time in a mystery drama by Fernandina Beach playwright Richard Wolf entitled “After the Murders: The Quest of Lizzie Borden”.

    To read more about the new production which is set in the interval after the acquittal, visit this link http://jacksonville.com/community/shorelines/2009-10-21/story/abet_production_goes_after_the_murders_in_lizzie_borden_case

    “After the Murders: The Quest of Lizzie Borden” will be performed Friday-Sunday, Oct. 30-31 and Nov. 6-7 at the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre. Performances are at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays. The theater is in the Adele Grage Cultural Center, 716 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach. Tickets are $15, $12 for seniors, students and military. For reservations, call 249-7177 or visit www.abettheatre.com.

  • Interview with Sharon Pollack



    Blood Relations seems to be opening everywhere these days.  Lizzie B is a hot topic. To read more about this newest production and to read the interview with Sharon Pollack follow this link below.

    On the issue of who Ms. Pollack thinks did the deed- http://communities.canada.com/calgaryherald/blogs/bladerunner/archive/2009/09/25/lizzie-borden-is-hot-stuff.aspx

    “I think that Lizzie did it and Bridget (Bridget Sullivan, Lizzie’s Irish servant, who was the only other person in the Borden house when the murders took place) knew that Lizzie did it,” Pollock says, pointing out that both maid and mistress were likely in collusion when it came to their testimony at the trial.


  • Blood Relations Comes to New Bedford

    bloodrelationsBlood Relations written by Sharon Pollack and directed by Stephen Kay opens November 12th.  The play runs November 12-22 at the Your Theatre Playhouse at 136 River Street, New Bedford.

    The play within a play structure in which, ten years after her acquittal, Lizzie Borden’s actress friend, Nance O’Neil acts out the crucial scenes, lends a fascinating sense of ambiguity to a familiar story.  For reservations call 508-993-0772.

    For more about the play read http://www.enotes.com/blood-relations

  • Two Thumbs Up for Lizzie the Rock Musical

    Reviewslizzierock are coming in fast and furious for the new rock musical taking New York by storm. The musical is described as  “A rock roadshow retelling of the bloody legend of America’s first and favorite axe-wielding double-murderess and Victorian hometown girl” and is a very fresh and imaginative approach to the old familiar case of 1892. The Internet is humming with praise for the musical which is running

    Sept 10-Oct 17, 2009
    Thurs-Sat at 8pm
    Fri & Sat at 10:30pm at The Living Theatre, 21 Clinton Street, New York .

    Visit the web site at http://lizziebordentheshow.com/index.php for a sampling of what is in store.  Now if we can only get the production to visit Lizzie’s hometown- Fall River is ready!  Read two reviews from  appreciative bloggers at http://showshowdown.blogspot.com/2009/09/lizzie-borden.html and http://blogcritics.org/culture/article/theater-review-nyc-lizzie-borden/





  • A Borden September




    labMiss Lizzie Andrew Borden shows no signs of leaving as August comes to an end.  With the advent of the long-awaited Parallel Lives publication by the Fall River Historical Society, and the mock trial at the New Bedford courthouse on the 24th, September promises to be another “Lizzie Month”.

    As the leaf-peeping season comes to New England, a series of lectures will begin at Bristol Community College sponsored by the Fall River Historical Society and funded by The Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation.  The series, which begins on September 14 and runs through November 4th, will feature a wide range of Lizzie-related topics from the Paranormal to the Borden story on stage.


  • Lizzie haunts on Halloween!

    ghostsmallThe Eagle Performing Arts Center on North Main Street in Fall River will be hosting  LIZZIE BORDEN LIVE  in a special All Hallows’ Eve Celebration on Oct 31st at 8p.m.  Come dressed as your favorite character from the story!  Bring out those leg o’ mutton sleeves, lace and hats, feather fans, boaters and frock coats! Are you a quiet Emma Borden- savvy attorney Mr. Jennings- or an enigmatic Miss Lizzie? Grand prize: one stay at the Lizzie Borden B&B! Tickets $25 available at www.lizziebordenlive.com  


  • Popular September 24th Event


    courthouseThe 1893 Lizzie Borden trial re-enactment at Bristol County courthouse is the must-see event for September.  The courtroom where it all happened in June of 1893 is much today as it was on the day when Lizzie sat on the hard wooden bench and hid her enigmatic face behind her fan.  Even the Victorian wooden Defense and Prosecution tables where Robinson and Knowlton held forth are still in place.  A large oil portrait of Attorney Knowlton hangs on the wall today.  A large turnout is expected and tickets will soon be a hot commodity in the area. An open house will be held the night of the re-enactment from 6 – 7 p.m. when the “trial” begins.

    The free program is open to the public, with limited seating.

     courthousetableMail a self-addressed stamped envelope to “Lizzie, Redux Request”, care of Clerk Magistrate Marc J. Santos, Bristol Count Clerk of Courts, 441 County St., New Bedford, MA 02740 for tickets. There will be two tickets issued per request. Tickets will be honored until 20 minutes before the performance, after which there will be a general admission as room is available.

    lizzie bench

  • August was a Bizzie Lizzie month

    LizziewhatIt’s been quite a month for Lizzie Borden doings!  August 4th brought the usual re-enactments at the Borden house on Second Street with the Pear Essential Players.  With a record attendance and largest cast ever, the little troupe was treated afterward to a tour of Maplecroft .  August 21-22 saw the return of Jill Dalton’s Lizzie Borden Live at the renovated Eagle on North Main Street with the Mutton Eaters in attendance.  Lizzie has been much in the news and on television this month as word of the patent on Lizzie Borden merchandise was acclaimed in newspapers yesterday.  Donald Woods, owner of  the bed and breakfast has obtained a national patent protection for all items other than books and publications to use the words “Lizzie Borden” on mugs, tee shirts, key chains, and other gift shop items.

    A new fiction book is out and available for sale at the historical society in Fallnewlizziebook River.  Written by a local author, it has the confession of Emma Borden as the doer of the foul deeds who comes to the writer in a dream.  The Fall River Historical Society has revamped their website to include some preview tidbits of the long-awaited book Parallel Lives which will be coming out in several months.  All in all it was quite a month for Lizzie. 

    September brings a re-enactment of the New Bedford trial of June, 1893 at the courthouse on County Street as part of the Bristol County Superior Court anniversary year events.  Fans and scholars of the Borden case have had a good summer with much to look forward to!

  • Another big night at the Eagle with Lizzie Borden Live

    Congratulations are due after another successful run of Lizzie Borden Live at the Eagle. Thanks and orchids to all the tech crew, Jack and John, the Donovan Family, box office staff,  the Mutton Eaters: (JoAnne Giovino, Barbara Morrissey, Ellen Borden, Shelley Dziedzic)- the incomparable Jill Dalton and all who are happy to see theatre making a comeback in Fall River. See you in Providence at the Columbia in October!

  • Uncle John’s return for lunch

    John V. Morse, Lizzie’s mother’s brother, had spent the night before the murders at the Borden’s house in the guestroom where Abby Borden would be hacked to bits the following day.  Although John had a good alibi for the times of both killings, he was an early and favorite suspect.  John had some training as a butcher, and was a jack of all trades around a farm.  Some think he knew about, or was an accomplice to the deeds, although no motive seems clearly apparent.  He also received no money or property after Lizzie was acquitted in June 1893.

    Joe Radza, an eighth grade teacher from Warren, Ohio will be playing the role of Uncle John Morse this year on August 4th at the Borden house for the annual re-enactments. Uncle John’s behavior when he returned for lunch has always seemed peculiar to students of the case. John bypassed the growing crowds by the Borden’s gate and went into the back yard by the barn and picked up and consumed several pears before ambling slowly up the side steps and going inside to see what was going on.  He had a reputation as a peculiar old guy in his boater and old gray suit and string tie.  Did he know more than he confided to the police?

  • The Return of Lizzie Borden



    Winner best actress:  JACOBY AWARD

    Back by popular demand.  LIZZIE BORDEN LIVE is returning to The Eagle Performing Arts Center, 35 North Main Street, Fall River, MA for two performances in August. Friday the 21st at 8:00 p.m. and Saturday the 22nd at 8:00 p.m.. 117 years ago on these dates Lizzie Borden was sitting in the Taunton County Jail, where she resided for 10 months, awaiting trial.  Tickets ($30).  Purchase on line at www.lizziebordenlive.com (click on Schedule page) or at the door.

    Lizzie Borden Live debuted in Fall River at the Eagle in June to a sold out house. Ms. Dalton said, “We are thrilled to finally bring Lizzie Borden Live to Fall River and the response was overwhelming.”  Jerry Donovan, who recently restored the Eagle, said “The play and its sell-out mark the beginning of a new era in the city. ”  Mayor Robert Correla praised the play saying it was powerful and exceptionally performed.  Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter, who attended the play with his wife Dottie. Said, “If she was innocent, that was an incredible price to pay.  If she was guilty, she got what she deserved.  But it raises aspects and a side of this story I never had considered.”

    “Jill Dalton, who plays Lizzie and wrote the play stunned audience members with her delivery, which featured many laughs, many somber notes and a compelling tragedy.”  Ric Oliveira, O Journal

    On a hot August morning the bodies of Andrew Borden and his wife were found bludgeoned to death.  Their youngest daughter, Lizzie, became the only suspect.  Innocent in a court of law.  Guilty in the court of public opinion.  Condemned by society.  The legend comes to life with humor and insight as the real Lizzie steps on stage.

    “Dalton is nothing less than superb in her depiction of the character, as her Lizzie is alternating sweet, innocent, witty and savagely murderous.  The audience is left to decide which Lizzie is the real one.”  Ed Wismer, Cape May Star Wave

     Jill Dalton, (writer/performer) an award winning New York actress with a long list of television and theatre credits, was commissioned by the East Lynne Theater Company in Cape May, N.J. to write the play where it had a successful five week run garnering praise and standing ovations from audiences and critics alike.  Ms Dalton won the 2007 Jacoby Award for her portrayal of Lizzie in Lizzie Borden Live.  Ms. Dalton wants the audience to decide for themselves if Lizzie Borden was guilty of killing her father and step-mother on August 4, 1892.

    The true crime thriller is set 13 years after the double murder in Maplecroft, the mansion Lizzie bought with money inherited from her father.  “Dalton gives a compelling performance enacting the humanity, humor, irony and sadness of a woman who’s had time to reflect on horrific events.” Susan Johnson, Red Rock News

    Jack McCullough, (director) born in Fall River, said, “We had to get down to the very marrow of the bone, otherwise there’s no point in telling the story.  People come to see Lizzie expecting to see a monster and instead they find themselves.”

     Haunting the performance is music written by Emmy winning and Tony nominated orchestrator and composer Larry Hochman, who created his original pieces based on the script and his personal observations during rehearsals.

     Dalton’s credits include:  Law and Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Rachel Getting Married, Veronika Decides to Die (2009), Wall Street, Another World,  All My Children, One Life to Live, As The World Turns and Saturday Night Live.  Ms. Dalton was also a stand up comic for several years and won the Mary Jo Comedy Show Award for stand-up comedy in NYC. 

     McCullough, a graduate of the Trinity Repertory Conservatory in Providence, R.I., also directed another of Dalton’s solo plays, My Life in the Trenches, most recently at the Kitchen Theatre in Ithaca, NY and at the Ensemble Studio Theatre, the International Midtown Theatre Festival NYC, the One Festival and the 78th Street Theatre Lab in NYC.  As an actor he appeared in Third Watch, Desperate Measures, The Observer, Osmosis Jones, Spenser: for Hire, Mr. North and Providence.

     Seating is limited to 150.  The doors of the Eagle will open at 7:00 PM.   Prior to the performance there will be a cash bar and members of the Mutton Eaters, dressed in period garb, will meet and greet the guests.

      Lizzie Borden Live challenges the audience to rethink the legend that is Lizzie Borden.  Think you know her?  Think again!  

     The Eagle Performing Arts Center

    35 N. Main Street

    Fall River, MA  02723

     Tickets ($30).  Available at www.lizziebordenlive.com (click on Schedule page) and (CASH ONLY) at the door.

     Press contact:  Jack McCullough (917) 806-3243 or lizziebordenlive@gmail.com

  • August 4th is coming soon!



    Preparations go into full swing this week as the house performing troupe, The Pear Essential Players, dons their fake beards and leg ‘ o mutton sleeves to bring history alive once more.  Performing only once a year, on the anniversary of the murders of Andrew and Abby Borden, the players come from many states and cities to re-enact the details of the day in 1892.  Performances will take place on the hour and tickets may be purchased for each timed performance in the gift barn behind the house at 92 Second Street.  This year’s cast featured 13 key characters from the well-known story. To learn more about the cast, visit their web blog at http://pearessentialproductions.wordpress.com/

  • The return of Lizzie Borden Live & The Mutton Eaters

    July 1st is getting mighty close to the big week in Fall River when Jill Dalton reprises her smash hit from June 20th- Lizzie Borden Live.  Also making a “comeback” will be the irrepressible Mutton Eaters on hand to add a bit of period dash to the streets of Fall River, the Borden’s house on Second St. and the trolleys.  The Mutton Eaters are an armchair sleuth group devoted to Borden research and interpreting the roles of key historical characters in the case.   It will be a big week for the little troupe as Tuesday August 4th will be the re-enactments at the house where it all began as the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum marks the anniversary of the famous crime.  Lizzie Borden Live will once again sparkle at the new -old Eagle on Friday and Saturday, August 7&8. Get your tickets early!