• A banner year for Mass. Superior Court

    2009 markes the 150th anniversary for the Massachusetts Superior courts.  lady-justiceMany events and displays are on tap for the year . Of particular interest is this notation on their web site

    “Lizzie Borden, Redux ~ Multiple dates and locations

     New Bedford Superior Courthouse ~ September 24

    Fall River Superior Courthouse ~ October 22

     Taunton Superior Courthouse ~ November 19

     Ms. Borden was acquitted of the murder of her father

    and mother and no other suspect was ever identified.

    The trial, which took place in 1893 in the New Bedford

    Superior Court, continues to interest and intrigue the

    public. Not a re-enactment but in a mock trial, Ms.

    Borden will be tried again with two lawyers serving as

    team prosecutors and two lawyers as team defense. The

    audience will vote a verdict.”

    To see a listing of all the big doings for the year visit http://www.mass.gov/courts/press/summary-of-events.pdf