• Beautification of the Braga

    For many, the first sight of Fall River dashing down 195E from Providence  has been the big green Braga bridge.  For what seems like years, the far right lane has been closed down which makes crossing the bridge at rush hour memorable.  But the views of the city are magnificent from the top span of the bridge- truly a city of steeples and towers from  the twin spires of old Saint Anne’s, the Central, and the red observatory dome on the tower of the  B.M.C. Durfee High School.

    Recently there was a controversy as to what color to paint the rusty Braga: tried and true green, red, orange, or blue.  Maybe there was a sale on blue because blue it is.  These photos were taken on February 5th as traffic crept along over the bridge.  Blue will take some getting used to for many.