• Hyman Lubinsky, friend of the defense


    Young Mr. Lubinsky (1868-1928), aged 24 in 1892, claims to have seen a woman crossing from the Borden barn to the side door on the fateful day of the murders.  The ice cream vendor knew the Borden maid, Bridget Sullivan by sight, and said this woman was not Bridget.  Lizzie of course claimed to have been out in the barn up in the hayloft for some time doing various things when someone must have murdered her father in the sitting room.  She claims to have come inside after hearing a noise, putting her hat down, then discovering Mr. Borden dead on the sofa.

    hyman4Mr. Lubinsky, whose command of English was poor, was somewhat muddled on the stand, changing his times and needing patient explanations.  Naturally the defense for Lizzie was delighted to make the most of Lubinsky’s tale as it seemed to back up Lizzie’s own version of events and supported the story she had been in the barn.  Mr. Lubinsky, however never said the woman he saw in the very narrow alley between the Churchill house and the Borden side door was wearing any hat.  Congratualtions and kudos to Lizzie B&B guest Joe from Ohio (who played the role of John Morse on August 4th at the house) for his discovery of the Lubinsky monument in Hebrew Cemetery, Fall River. Mr. Lubinsky came from a large family and there are several other Lubinskys in the Hebrew Cemetery.