• A Legendary Feline

    When Abbie Borden Potter gave her famous interview about Lizzie killing her Aunt Abby’s kitty, she probably never dreamed the tale would take on a life of its own. Black cats, stuffed and porcelain, wooden and pottery abound at #92 Second Street in the gift shop and in the house.  Some guests swear they hear mysterious meowings, phantom felines leaping at the foot of the bed at dawn in the Borden master bedroom, and recently a specter of a cat in front of the kitchen stove appeared on a guest photo.  A cat face even appears in the headboard of a burled walnut bed . Whether or not Lizzie decapitated or chloroformed a cat is uncertain, but it makes a very good story which shows no signs of going away.  The Borden house is host to a real cat who chose the house himself several years ago.  Max had lived in the “Kelly House” next door but liked the company and chow better  at #92.  Today he is the toast of the town, wearing a special collar with a silvery name tag- and a tiny hatchet!  Max has his own fan club and facebook page.  Since he is not completely black, having several pink and white toes, he is not unlucky-in fact he is one very lucky cat!