• A hex on the new Salem Lizzie Museum?

    Once again the much-anticipated opening of the True Story of Lizzie Borden attraction in Salem was delayed.  Hoping to open on Lizzie’s birthday on July 19th, the date had to be pushed forward to August 4th, the anniversary of the murders.  The woodwork paint was drying, the local newspapers were touting the opening, and Fall River was getting into the controversy about Lizzie’s presence in Salem-when the August 4th opening never materialized.  Hopefully eager visitors-to-be called ahead, or else there were some murderous prospective guests who must have been disappointed to find closed doors on the day.  Meanwhile, back in old Fall River, August 4th went on as ever. 

    Today the word is out that the opening  date of the attraction/museum/exhibit is uncertain due to some difficulties with the city of Salem officials- red tape, paperwork, permits, -something like that.  Makes you wonder if the other famous ladies of the city- those ladies in the pointy hats- are brewing up some spells !  Maybe they don’t want any competition from another woman!

  • Update on Lizzie in Salem


    The new Lizzie Borden gift shop and museum is slated to have a
    “soft opening” in the second week of July with the Grand Opening scheduled for Lizzie’s birthday.  The museum, located near the new statue of Elizabeth Montgomery in her Bewitched incarnation, will feature photos and documents, displays and a mock-up of the trial room, and will be aiming for careful historical accuracy.  Visit the website at http://lizziebordenmuseum.com/