Driving Miss Lizzie

Among the dwindling circle of Lizzie’s friends in Fall River, surely her faithful chauffeur and confidante, Mr. Ernest, was golden in her estimation.  It is said Mr. Ernest would bring the car around front and take Lizzie on jaunts out to the country on sunny days, her little dog in the backseat wagging his stubby tail and panting with excitement. Lizzie had one of the first automobiles in the city- a black “Tin Lizzy”. Lizzie had a turntable installed in the wide garage which had been her carriage house so Mr. Ernest could drive in, then spin the car around facing out to avoid having to back up.

Lizzie remembered those loyal few handsomely in her will, including longtime friend, Helen Leighton, her household staff, and her kindly chauffeur. Mr. Terry now reposes for eternity in Oak Grove Cemetery, along with so many of those who knew Lizzie.


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