Lizzie’s Library. The Inner Sanctum

window1.jpgmantle.jpgOf all the rooms in Maplecroft, none other captures the intimate and personal insight into the nature of Lizzie than her library. It is found on the east side of the house on the second floor and consists of two modest rooms accessed by passing through one to another by way of a pair of French doors.  The first room contains the carved mantelpiece which features deeply–incised Scottish thistles and At Hame In My Ain Countrie in bold script.  This is the title of a hymn said to be beloved of Lizzie and which she is supposed to have had sung by local church soprano, Vida Turner at her funeral.  This would have been the room where a comfortable settee would have been found, perhaps a footstool, chaise or upholstered chair-and quite likely a lady’s writing desk with exquisite embossed stationery and writing implements in a pen tray.  This is also the  room where light from the one generous window streamed through in shades of amber -gold, for the pane held a magnificent example of stained glass.  

Around the top of the wallpapered walls, an embossed cove molding  boasts a floral motif which once was gilded but is now painted with the flowers picked out in color.  Through the French doors is the book room where a wide variety of titles once lined the floor to ceiling shelves.  There was probably once a library ladder so Lizzie could reach the topmost shelves.  Her books, lush with rich bindings and gilt titles facing into the room, must have been a sumptuous feast for the eye.  In some would be found her little bookplate, in others her LAB inscribed initials.  Today the stained glass is missing from the library window, its location unknown.

What a haven of repose this little corner of the world must have been on a snowy day with a roaring fire, hot cider and a faithful canine companion !  It truly must have been a palace within a mansion, and “hame” in her ain countrie.


  Library window   window2.jpg (click on photo for large image)

 Below (left):  Two stained glass windows currently viewable on the foyer staircase .




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