Borden Spaces and Places

The Swansea Farm

swanseafarm1.jpgMost business men of the period who could afford it would purchase a small country property to escape the city heat in the summer.  This 1790 Cape Cod two-family was bought by Andrew Borden and his business partner, William Almy.  Andrew Borden also owned another country property and together they were called the Upper and Lower Farms. This is the remaining property in the beautiful waterfront Gardiner’s Neck area.  Recently the old white Cape was painted bright blue and underwent extensive interior renovations. In 1892 a search was made of the premises for a possible murder weapon. 


  Two family entry doors


Gardiner’s Neck Road

 swanseafarm5.jpg  swanseafarm7.jpg


                      All photos (c) S. Dziedzic  October 2006

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