Celebs Love Lizzie Borden

rex-reed-1-sized.jpgEver since  Josephine McGinn allowed Agnes de Mille to tour Second Street as inspiration for her famous Lizzie-themed ballet, a few big -name entertainers and celebrities have stopped in to call on Miss Lizzie.  Actress Patricia Neal, Mickey Rooney (who would not enter the house), Heather Locklear, Motley Crue’s Rick Zambora and the heavy metal guitarist from the band Lizzy Borden to name a few.  The Borden case has found interest on the part of many in tinsel town, and rumors of a big screen production are always making the rounds.

Last evening, celebrated film critic, Rex Reed spent the night at #92 and enjoyed plenty of animated conversation with guests and host about the case.  After touring the house, cemetery and Lizzie sites around town, naturally the question was asked about casting for a Borden case feature film.  The veteran entertainment columnist and critic thought a few moments and decided Sam Waterston would be his pick for Andrew Borden.

sam.jpg  andrew.jpg  Kathy Bates as Abby met with approval, and although Kate Winslet as Lizzie “could get the job done”, maybe a total unknown would be a better way to go and “easier on the budget”!

Visitors to the old house enjoyed watching the Elizabeth Montgomery Lizzie movie with Mr. Reed in the parlor, and all were loathe to finally go to bed at 3 a.m. 

 Asked about Lizzie’s guilt or innocence, the critic with the rapier-sharp writing style, and  who has a fascination with the psychology of true crime figures, wholeheartedly pronounced her “Guilty!” Good thing he was not on the jury! 


Alan Donnes, Rex Reed and Shelley Dziedzic “On that sofa”