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Introducing the Demure Mrs. Daphne Dare, Domestic Doyenne

daohne-dare.jpgIt is hard to know if such a paragon of wisdom, style and taste ever did exist, but a certain Mrs. Dare, in 1892, published several works outlining all manner of directions and advice for living a proper and gracious life.  From cradle to grave Mrs. Dare deigns to declare her decided designs and directions on how to move in “polite society”.  The divine Daphne will be making regular visits to Warps and Wefts to enlighten the Gentle Readers here, and to offer advice on those pressing matters and anxious questions which plague the thoughts of all those who wish to step out on the right foot in finer circles.  Tonight, the use of umbrellas is given thoughtful attention:

” If a gentleman is walking with two ladies in a rainstorm, and there is but one umbrella, he must yield it to his fair companion and walk outside.  To do otherwise is absurd, for if he should walk between the two ladies he would be perfectly protected himself, but the ladies would get the benefit of the innumerable little streams running off the sides of the umbrella.  A gentleman never stops a lady on the street to converse with her, but will turn and walk by her side.  If she should be accompanied by a male companion, it is well to be sure that your presence will not be an interference before venturing to join them in their promenade.”