Borden Spaces and Places,  Potpourri

The Gray House and Neighborhood

grayfromspring.jpg Abby Borden would have had a considerable jaunt to visit her half-sister Sarah on Fourth Street as Spring Street was, in 1892, not a footsaving shortcut from Second and did not go through as it does today.  Abby would have gone down past St. Mary’s to Rodman, taken a left turn, then another left to walk north on 4th Street.  The Gray/Whitehead house was moved back from the corner it occupied in 1892 to its current position on Spring St., and was the site for Abby and Andrew’s wedding reception. It was also the house which started “The Trouble” when Andrew made it over to his second wife Abby without consulting his daughters Emma and Lizzie.  Of all the buildings in the Borden saga, the Gray house may well be the most significant property.