Borden Spaces and Places,  Potpourri

Somewhere in Time- Luther Store Museum


Luther Store,  at the corner of Old Warren Road and Pearse Road or Luther’s Four Corners, is a place out of the Past to be sure.  Located in Swansea, in the heart of what was once a rural agricultural area, time seems to have stood still.  Entering the old general store, the fragrance of antiquity, like old mellow bookbindings fills the air. Every sort of vintage household need is on display on wooden shelves, and every nook and cranny is filled with pieces of yesteryear.  The Aladdin to this wonderful secret cave of treasures is Mr. Carl Becker, curator, who clearly loves what he does and patiently explains special items and their history with an enthusiasm which is apparent at once. The two floors are burgeoning , and an hour passes like minutes. Luther’s is a place the Bordens and John Morse would have known indeed-in fact, there are some cane-seated chairs which are reputed to have come from Andrew Borden’s Swansea Farm. 


As there is no heat, a visit in summer or early autumn would be best.  Luther Store is open by chance, or by calling Mr. Becker who lives nearby.



Lid of coffin with glass viewing window


Funeral cooling boards


Adult and child-sized oak coffins with handles for pallbearers


Mr. Becker pointing out a first floor display



Borden-style “icebox”                                                                       / August 2007