Visiting the real 221B Baker Street

holmesanimated1.gifIn 1994 I was lucky to finally realize a life long wish to visit London.  Just around the corner from the famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is 221 Baker Street, which downstairs houses Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Room and upstairs, a faithful representation of the apartment of the fictional Holmes.  Thousands of letters pour in yearly to Sherlock, with addresses which span the globe, all asking for advice.It is great fun to visit here, and I see their website has become quite sophisticated, with a tour of the premises, gift shop, paid quarterly magazine, and much more. I know you will enjoy surfing the many nooks and crannies of this site, maybe shopping at the online store, watching video clips and listening to the great Jeremy Brett series audio music files.  Here is a free quiz you might try out if you are a Sherlockian. You will win a 10 dollar coupon to spend in the giftshop or online store even if you miss a few! They also send you a free complimentary copy of the next issue of The Baker Street Times, which is a treasure of information about the Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes in the late Victorian period.  So, enjoy!

To enter the museum site with its many links  click here