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Truth or Myth?

blaccat.gif Along with the pear motif found all over #92 Second Street at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, are black cats. 

They are in the guest room, in the parlor, in the Borden’s room, in the kitchen and gift shop.  The “Phantom Kitty” has taken on a life of its own as guests in Abby and Andrew’s bedroom swear they hear a cat meowing plaintively in the walls or jumping up at dawn on the foot of the old Renaissance Revival bed and “treading” and purring loudly.  When unnerved guests dare to have a look- there is nothing there!  Some guests even leave catnip mice or balls for the Phantom Feline in hopes of being favored with a nocturnal visit.   


All of this seems to stem from the story that Lizzie had either chloroformed or decapitated Abby’s kitten many years ago.  Naturally black cats are unlucky as the legend goes, so Abby’s cat has now become the black kitten.  True or false?  Hard to know, except that Lizzie loved animals and left a great deal of money for their care in her will.  Still- it makes a great Halloween story!