Maplecroft,  Potpourri

Popular Print- “Alone”

A painting or print which Lizzie allegedly gave to her handyman in partial payment for work done seems to have its origin in a very popular and often duplicated  print of the 1880’s. This one pictured below is now appearing on EBAY, the auction closes tomorrow, and is an oil copy.  Here is what the seller has to say :

“This decorative 1880s painting based on a popular print depicts a sorrowful young woman seated in a flat bottomed boat in the moonlight. It is painted in oil on academy board and appears to be unsigned. The piece measures 16 x 27 ½” overall with the back rabbet opening of the frame 12 1/2” x 24”. The frame has wonderful untouched original gilt and lemon gilt surface with minimal wear and loss. I see no overpaint. ” Did Lizzie have a copy- or the original?  Was this print of any particular significance to Lizzie, or merely a popular print of the day like so many others?