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Lizzie Rides Home in Style

There may not have been stretch limos in 1893 to bring Lizzie back to Fall River in style, but the vehicle which bore her away in triumph was the aristocrat of all carriages- a barouche.  This elegant conveyance sported a half roof which could collapse convertible-style if the weather was fair. The photo below is of a two-horse 1890 barouche although a larger barouche-landau might have a matched double set of smart-looking horses, heads held high with a checking rein.  The landau model had a full roof and complete enclosure for passengers.


After some clever diversionary tactics to throw off the throngs waiting for her exit from court, a party consisting of Lizzie’s attorney, former governor George Robinson, sister Emma, Lizzie and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holmes entered the barouche and left for a welcome home party on Pine Street, Fall River in Lizzie’s honor at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Holmes.  Lizzie acknowledged the well-wishers with a wave of her white hanky.  One might recall the pile of unironed hankies Lizzie was ironing on the diningroom table on the day of the murders!

As she sped away, the rented hack carriage which had brought her back and forth from jail pulled to the front, the same faithful old sorrel in harness.  But the crowd gathered at the curb was disappointed, for Lizzie had outfoxed them in a move worthy of a modern day Britney Spears!


A sorrel horse, a shade of chestnut with lighter chestnut mane and tail.


Most probably a larger barouche, passengers facing each other, was needed to accommodate the large Borden party of 5 in comfort.

(source reference, Boston Globe June 21, 1893)