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New Lizzie Borden Photo found in Swansea !

 holy_cow.jpg HOLY COW!!!

 It’s been a long, long time since a new photo of Lizzie has been published and the cover of the newly released Hatchet must qualify as a Stop the Press spectacular!  Kudos to Hatchet editor Stefani Koorey and Borden historian Leonard Rebello for some great detecting.  Other Borden photos and mementos were also located at the Swansea Museum just before Christmas 2007.  It’s big news in Borden land tonight! For a subscription and a look at the cover, visit the link below. The Hatchet has also changed its title and content scope to include Victoriana , mystery and murder.

The image of Lizzie at about nine years of age in a charming straw hat has been published with the permission  and knowledge of the Swansea Historical Society on the site above.  Internet copyright laws do apply and the permission to copy in the current issue of The Hatchet, and on The Hatchet-linked blog , Mondo Lizzie Borden, was obtained for one-time usage legally by the editor. 

Any cropped, altered, or grayscaled “bootleg” reproductions which may appear elsewhere and are being circulated, are without the knowledge or permission of the Swansea Historical Society and have been cropped from the copyrighted cover of the latest edition of The Hatchet.  For those who object to their personal photos appearing without permission on the Internet: propagating, harvesting, and disseminating copyrighted images amounts, in essence, to image theft. Any benefit which might have been afforded the institution to which the image belongs through print and product reproduction is compromised.  Sadly, historical societies and museums are those institutions which most need the revenue.

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