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Friends of Oak Grove Tree Survey Tomorrow


The Great Arch 1873 The Shadows Have Fallen and they Wait for the Day

Sunday, March 2nd at 9 a.m., the Friends group will begin surveying Oak Grove Cemetery plantings.  Diseased and dead trees will be noted as well as thriving species as a first step in the ambitious tree replanting program.  The city arborist will be on hand to help with determining species and condition.  The group, made up of preservationists in the city and also out of state, has already planted two oaks and has actively been encouraging sponsors for future plantings.  The official website for the group may be found at where a membership application can be found and a  full-sized map of the cemetery which may be printed out.

Although the Borden plot, holding tomb, and Ladies Comfort station is of great interest to many Lizzie Borden visitors, The Friends of Oak Grove was founded primarily to replant gardens and trees, repair broken stones, document nearly-illegible stones, and preserve the character and design of the old Victorian cemetery which was laid out by Josiah Brown in 1855 on land bought from Dr. Nathan Durfee.

drnate.jpg Dr. Durfee

Annual membership is $25.00 per year.  A list of benefactors and updates on projects, tours, lectures and exhibits for the future is also included on the website link above.  All contributions to the Friends go directly for the benefit of the cemetery.