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Lizzie Borden Live Postponed


 jill_portrait.jpgThe 78th Street Theatre Lab must be vacated on March 8th, 9th and 10th (the  show dates). They are currently in the midst of an enormous construction project, which will eventually encompass 236 West 78th Street completely.

The contractors have chosen this weekend to hoist steel girders over
the building, requiring the top two floors to be empty. This is a
safety issue and the city is requiring them to empty the building. Up
until today the theatre had been assured all construction activities
would be over by 6pm at the latest on any given day, and they would not be working at all on the weekends.

The apparatus used to raise the steel requires blocking off the entire
street, and because of traffic it can only happen over a weekend.

THEREFORE, LIZZIE BORDEN LIVE, is being postponed.

It looks like the new date is Sunday, April 20th @ 3 pm

LIZZIE BORDEN LIVE has also been selected as part of the Six Figures Theatre Company’s 6th Annual Artists of Tomorrow Festival with two performances:

Friday, May 2nd @ 9 pm
Sunday, May 4th @ 3 pm

The West End Theatre
(Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew)
  263 West 86th Street
(bet. B’wy & West End Ave.)