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Walk softly and carry a big stick


Alice Russell, longtime friend of the Borden sisters, and one-time neighbor next door, had a rude shock when she spotted what looked to be an axe handle under her bed.  Alice had been staying with the Borden family (or what was left of it) after the shocking murders of Abby and Andrew Borden. With the Irish maid gone for good, Alice became a comforting presence and helper.  Staying in the Borden’s master bedroom, the wooden handle under the bed was explained to Alice by Lizzie as being her deceased father’s night stick, just in case an intruder should break in. There had been a break in at the house not long before the murders.  Too bad Andrew did not have it handy under the sofa on the morning of August 4th! The management of the house currently keeps this facsimile on hand in the bedroom- just in case. . .