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Emma’s Great Escape

Lizzie’s quiet older sister Emma kept a great deal to herself and was of a retiring nature. The reason for her sudden 1905 departure from the shared domicile of Maplecroft is not known for certain but there is much speculation it had to do with Lizzie’s entertaining of theatre people including rising stage star Nance O’Neil, and possibly the frivolity at Maplecroft which might have included alcoholic beverages at these theatre party soirees. Emma lived in Fall River and Providence for the years following their separation, and just perhaps her trip to England and Scotland in 1906, which followed hard upon their split, was to get away from the unpleasantness on French Street. The passenger list gives her age as 55 at the time of the voyage- certainly mature for a first visit away from the country. There is no record found to date of any other foray into a wider world for quiet Emma.


The White Star liner Cymric