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Dr. Michael Kelly

The Borden house was surrounded by doctors on the average day.  Dr. Chagnon lived behind #92, back on Third Street but was not home at the time of the murders.  He had been called away and Lucy Collette sent to his offices to tell patients he could not attend them on the morning of August 4th.  Dr. Bowen who lived across the street from the Bordens was making his rounds when Bridget Sullivan, the Borden’s maid knocked frantically on the door.  Just next door-one house south on Second Street was Dr. Michael Kelly, a specialist in pediatric medicine, who was also not home that morning.  Andrew Borden was, in any event, well beyond the ministrations of any doctor by the time his body was discovered.

The Kelly house still exists, and is currently for sale.  Dr. Kelly and his young wife Caroline, who was expecting a baby at the time of the murders, became much-beloved figures in the city’s social circles. By 1906 they were living on Third Street.  The Kellys are buried in Saint Patrick’s Cemetery.