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It pays to buy quality!

Andrew Borden knew a thing or two about home improvements and value.  The cast iron radiators he put in when the family moved into 92 Second Street in 1872 are still going strong today. Here is a photo taken on the day of the crimes in 1892 of the radiator in the front hallway.


Today, the same radiators heat #92 .  The current boiler is also located in the same place in the cellar that was the location in 1892. Oh, to get a metal detector under that boiler!





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    Shelley- remember me? you played mrs. borden for history channel– i saw your avatar on a forum. i actually want to speak with you– will you email me as soon as you can? i can’t figure out how to contact you directly- i guess i’m not as blog savvy as i thought! 🙂 hope to hear from you soon! haewon

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