• Jane/Chilly Hollow

    Thanks for the easier to read background. I am getting too old to squint!

    And thank you very much for explaining the textile references. I would be very surprised if Miss Borden and Miss Lizzie did not do a little needlework, given the time and place and the textile history of Fall River, even if they did not make their own dresses. Because I am interested in hand work as well as historical murders, I wondered and thought I would ask.

    Just keep your eyes open for needlework!

  • Shelley

    HI Jane! Well, let’s try one more time to get a more reader-friendly design with a wide column for the slides and photos. Warps and Wefts does indeed have a textile reference being the vertical and horizontal threads on a loom which weave together to form the fabric. The inspiration for the title of the blog was the textile history of the mill city of Fall River, and also as a sort of metaphor for the many threads of intrigue and speculation which make up the fabric of the Borden Case over the years- some new, some old, some legend, some false. As far as I know, I have not seen any needlework related to the Lizzie Borden affair- but there sure ought to be as I KNOW there is a market! You’ve got your work cut out for you!

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