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Fourth Annual Mutton Eaters Weekend


April 16-18 has been selected for the dates of the next Mutton Eaters assembly at the Borden house in Fall River. The group, begun in 1993, is a coterie of armchair sleuths who enjoy researching famous crime cases, with a focus on the Borden case.  Annual awards are handed out for different achievements ranging from best new case discovery to best performance as a Borden -related character in a dramatic production.  Side trips to places involved in the Borden case, and other Victorian venues are a highlight of the weekend as well as an annual banquet and presentation of research projects by individuals .

This year Taunton , where Lizzie was in jail for 10 months is the city focus as well as an indepth tour of Oak Grove Cemetery, St. Patrick’s, and Old North where many connected to the case are buried.  Remaining homes in the city where those involved in the case resided will also be part of a Fall River City Tour on Saturday.  The first ever Hyman Lubinsky Ice Cream Social will be held on Saturday evening.  Mr. Lubinsky, whose grave was recently discovered, was an ice cream vendor who testified to seeing a woman come from the barn on the day of the murders in 1892.  His testimony was eagerly embraced by the defense.  For more about the Mutton Eaters, please visit their web site at

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