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After the Axe

hatchet-700381The number of post-trial, post-hatchet, Maplecroft plays is ever- growing. The public never wearies of imagining the possibilites of Lizzie’s life after the acquittal.  If she was guilty, did she suffer twinges of conscience? Was she depressed- lonely?  If she was innocent- how horrible was it living under the cloud of suspicion all those years? Why did Emma leave her sister?  Who were Lizzie’s few friends who continued to call at the house on French St. ? So many unanswered questions opens up a rich field for exploration.

Here is the Nick Pelino offering on the subject, written in 2006, available now on Amazon.com in the 10-12 dollar range.

Lizbeth of Maplecroft- After the Axe

 2006 by Trafford Publishers

Paperback, 243 pages

isbn1425113893    (isbn13: 9781425113896)

 “This is the two act play, available in print! It is based on the later life of the accused axe-murderess, Lizzie Borden, years after her acquital. A three woman play that has performed to great success. By the author of THE FINAL WORD: THE HALL-MILLS MURDERS and its sequel and equally popular THE HALL-MILLS TRIAL, Nick Pelino, Jr. 

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