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Collecting Lizzie-abilia

Recently a letter surfaced in England written by Lizzie to a friend living there.  The woman now owning the letter in the television programme that aired last week in Britain had the letter written to her grandmother by “L. A. Borden,” signed thus, over three pages, that was very conversational and ordinary in tone, being pre-murders. It was valued, very conservatively, at £600-800  or $1,200 to $1,600.

With the upcoming publication of the Fall River Historical Society’s Parallel Lives, (now delayed until late March -early Spring), Lizzie letters are much on the minds of Borden enthusiasts everywhere.

If a Lizzie Borden signature is out of your wallet range, many Lizzie-affiliated signatures can still be had for a bargain.  The signatures of the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts in 1892-96 and the former Governor, George Dexter Robinson, also better known as Lizzie’s head defense attorney, were bought recently for $30 on Ebay. Another former Governor’s autograph (John Davis Long 1880-1883) was thrown in as a bonus.

For more information about George D. Robinson(1834-1896) check out this link.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_D._Robinson
Robinson received 25,000 dollars in fees serving as Lizzie’s defense counsel.  He remained a prominent lawyer until the time of his death in Chicopee at the age of 62.  He is buried in Fairview Cemetery there.

Roger Wolcott (1847-1900)  was Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts from 1892-1896 and Governor from 1896-1900.

Roger Wolcott

John Davis Long (1838-1915)

Governor of Massachusetts 1880-1883, Secretary of the Navy 1897-1902

The Navy destroyer USS Long (DD-209) was named after him. 

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