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Happy Birthday “Mr. Lizzie”

Chances are, if you watch television programmes about Lizzie Borden, the face above will be very familiar.  Ed Thibault, of Somerset, Mass. has been a leading figure in the Lizzie Borden community for over 40 years.  Ed recently retired from his part time job as day tour guide at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast after many years of sharing the Borden Case with probably thousands of visitors. For many years Ed visited local schools and civic groups, giving lectures on his favorite topic, as well as maintaining an archive of clippings and books about the Borden case in his “Lizzie Room” at his home. 

Most recently Ed gave a lecture at the Lizzie Gallery X art exhibition in New Bedford in October.

Ed is one of the original Second Street Irregulars, an amateur sleuth group dedicated to the case, and meetings were often held at Ed’s house in the 1990’s.  But mostly, Ed is the face of Andrew Borden, and for many years Ed donned the black frock coat of the unfortunate father of Lizzie, and took part in the annual recreations of the crime on August 4th.  Two prized possessions are  Ed’s mock-up sculptures of the Borden skulls which for years Ed has carried around in a specially-made case-always a big hit with students!  Lizzie has a champion in Ed, who believes her to be innocent of the crimes.

Ed celebrates his 75th birthday this week.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Lizzie, – and thanks for many years of sharing Lizzie with so many!

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