Making a Documentary

Chances are if you live near Fall River and take an interest in the Borden case, Ric Rebelo will have interviewed you!  Working on the most comprehensive Borden case documentary ever made for a Master’s project, Ric has spent over 2 years tracking down every angle and and camera angle to be had in the quest to cover the various theories on who-dunnit and why we care so much! 

On Sunday, March 7th, some fresh faces assembled at the house on Second Street to recreate scenes from the famous unsolved crime, featuring the Irish maid, the illegitimate son, Uncle Morse, and even Lizzie as possible hatchet wielders.  The Cast:

Uncle John V. Morse:  Michael Reed, Bridget Sullivan: Sarah Nicklin, Lizzie Borden: Ruth Sullivan, Abby Borden: Shelley Dziedzic, Billy Borden: Brandon Aponte, and Andrew Borden: Dan LeLievre.

Ric and Richard

and Max, who kept his theory a secret.



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