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Travel Channel visits the Lizzie Borden House May 4th

“There’s no bizness like Lizbizness”

The weather was ideal for the Travel channel shoot in Fall River.  Bursts of rain and bright sun were the order of the day and produced some wonderful silhouettes and shadows inside the house- a novel approach to the re-creations for a film crew.

Andrew Borden was played by the Rev. Robert Richardson, a Congregationalist minister.  This was his first time out as Mr. Borden and Kathleen Troost-Cramer who usually plays Irish maid Bridget Sullivan took on her first turn as Lizzie.  Both were superb in their roles. The filming is for an upcoming program on haunted hotels and bed and breakfasts, so the focus was on the paranormal.  Thirty Odd Minutes’ Andrew Lake and Matt Moniz (also of Spooky South Coast radio show) were also on hand all day to serve as science techs for the shoot.  http://www.30oddminutes.com/about.shtml  http://www.spookysouthcoast.com/AboutUs/

Psychic and medium Liz Nowicki also made a call in the evening.  What did they find? Stay tuned!


  • Stephen karadjis

    Lizzie Borden house. May 4, 2010

    Hi there

    I was a guest in the house on the date above. The Travel Channel was filming. As a guest, I arrived during the day and stayed the night. I even had dinner at a local restaurant with some of the crew.

    I have never been able to see myself in the interview. I thought it was an episode of Ghost Adventures. But I am not in this episode.

    Today an acquaintance said she had seen me in a show about haunted houses. She was watching the show about 6 weeks ago. It was very late at night and apparently there were a number of 15 minute vignettes and I was in two.

    The big question: Can you help me? I want to know what the name of the show is. I am from Australia so you could find me very easily.

    Hope you can help me
    All the best


      • Stephen karadjis

        Hi Shelley

        I have only just read your reply. On the blog of May 3, 2010, it says that the Travel Channel would be visiting the next day (May 4, 2010) as they were to film an episode on the Borden House for a new show on “Haunted Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts”. So, I know it was the Ghost Adventures crew. I have sent them an email, so far no reply. Shelley, if you manage to locate the film, I am apparently in a floral shirt. Liz the spiritualist was in one scene we were sitting at a table she was conducting a S. Thanks Shelley


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