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What’s new this week?

Today’s Fall River Herald News has a wonderful article about New Jersey author Richard Behren’s book, Lizzie Borden:  Girl Detective and the upcoming Saturday reading and booksigning http://www.heraldnews.com/newsnow/x1834540560/Historical-fantasy-novel-features-Lizzie-Borden-as-a-detective

photo credit: LeeAnn Wilber

Popular indy actress and fashion trend-setter, Chloe Sevigny strikes a familiar pose on the black sofa.  Ms. Sevigny has family ties to Fall River and a great interest in the Borden case.  Tuesday marked her second overnight visit to the house on Second Street.

Painting on #92 has come to a halt due to the weather.  More scraping and primer touch -ups are in the future before color can be applied, hopefully next week.  Costuming and casting have begun for the upcoming August 4th re-enactments.  Busy days on Second Street.

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