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A Dr. & Mrs. Bowen Mystery

The following copy of the Bowen’s Wedding certificate was obtained by Ellen Borden for the recent Mutton Eaters’ meeting in April.  The Bowens had a Halloween wedding, but what is interesting is the name listed for the bride’s father.  Southard Miller and his wife Esther were Phoebe V. Miller’s parents but the certificate lists a “Louthar”  as father of the bride.   Rather than Luther, most likely the S has been mistaken for an L and the final d is illegible in Louthar.  But Bowen’s mother is Leafa Claffin Bowen although she is here listed as “Sofie”.

So here is another mystery to be solved or is it a simple typing error? Inquiring Lizziephiles and Second Street Irregulars will get to the bottom of this and report in- to be sure!

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  • Frankly Frank

    The errors are most likely errors in interpreting the hand writing on old documents. I do some entry for Ancestry and have seen similar errors. The transcriptionist probably wouldn’t have thought Leafa was a name. Sophia would be a logical choice.

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