Some of the cast will be appearing at the Fall River Public Library on Tuesday, August 3rd at 6:30 for a special reading by Richard Behrens from the new Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective!  Tickets are presently on sale at the museum 508-675-7333.  Advanced ticket purchase is suggested to avoid disappointment on the 4th.  Tickets are usually sold out by noon. First performance at 10: 30 a.m.

Cast interviews and photos may be found at

Lizzie Borden:  Lorraine Gregoire

Detective Seaver  Ben Rose

Abby Borden:   Shelley Dziedzic 

Andrew Borden: Logan Livesey

Bridget Sullivan  Kathleen Troost-Cramer

Emma Borden:  Barbara Morrissey

Addie Churchill:  JoAnne Giovino

Alice Russell:     Kristin Pepe

Uncle John:  Joe Radza

Officer Medley:   Justin Dunne

Miss Manning from the Herald:   Molly O’Brien

“Cub reporter and Girl Detective” from the Herald, and Miss Manning’s assistant: Kathryn Woods

The Distinguished Undertaker Winward:  Michael Brooks

Officer Harrington:  Will Clawson

Marshal Hilliard;  Ray Mitchell