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Lizzie’s Hatchet is one artist’s inspiration


River’s Edge Library in North Jersey is the venue for a unique art exhibit running through the end of the month.  Works by the artist are inspired primarily by fictional things such as the Mad Hatter’s teacup, arranged as an artistic “artifact” to give a feeling of reality to a literary character.  Lizzie’s hatchet is one of the two items which draws upon reality for its inspiration.

‘”Arcanifacts” is a collection of 21 works taken from a larger project River Edge resident Scot Ryersson began in 2007. Ryersson said he invented the term from the Latin words arcanus (secret) and factum (thing made) to describe an artifact containing both mystery and truth.”

For more about the exhibit visit http://www.northjersey.com/news/105409913_Exhibit_inspired_by_fictional_characters.html

No, the statue above is not Lizzie Borden- but she is to be found in Massachusetts- in the town of Haverhill at GAR Park.  Her name is Hannah Duston and her fame commenced in 1697 after an incident with a local Native American tribe.  Hannah’s statue is said to be the first erected to a woman in America.  For more about this grisly and bloody true story, visit this very informative and entertaining New England folklore blog.


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