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Lizzie Borden Cupcakes are a winner

  Cupcakes have been a trendy foodie item recently.  After the TV success of shows such as Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and now Cupcake Wars, it was only a matter of time before Lizzie made it to the cupcake competition.  Iron Cupcake, an organization which celebrates the miniature morsels and hosts themed cupcake bake-off contests, has cupcake affiliate chapters all over.  In October of this year, the Toronto branch had a Halloween competition. The entries were creative and tasty, and the competition was fierce,but in the end it was the Lizzie Borden display which won. The photo of the winning display below is from the “Cake Bites” web blog of Gabriella Caruso who was a competitor in the Halloween challenge. http://cakebitess.blogspot.com/2010/10/iron-cupcake-toronto-halloween.html

The white chocolate hatchet is spectacular and the cupcake shown on the ribbon and lace bedecked round platter in the background has a small skull on the top.  Monica Law was the creator.

For more on the competition, read an article about the contestants and entries at the link below.



  • Barbara Morrissey

    What a clever idea, a chocolate hatchet. Gee, have I seen that before? We should have our own cupcake competition. I would love to see what the guy’s would come up with. My only question is “Would we be required to eat their cupcakes?”

  • Jo Anne Giovino

    This is a winner, I agree. But, if this were a cheesecake contest, I don’t think anyone would beat Barbara ‘s and my creations ! I think the Mutton E.aters should make a motion at our next flocking to send a letter of recognition to this lady.

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