With winter showing no signs of letting up in New England, seems a good time to stay inside by the fire with a few good blogs and web sites to read.  Here are some you may enjoy which include Victoriana, fictional and true crime. It’s hard to narrow it down to just ten, but here’s ten good ones you might have missed.  Hours of reading- pack a lunch!

  1. Murder by Gaslight  http://murderbygasslight.blogspot.com/

2. Clews– historic true crime  http://laurajames.typepad.com/

3. Anne Perry – Detective Pitt in Victorian England, and other great series  http://www.anneperry.net/

4. 1893 Columbian Expo in Chicago  http://columbus.gl.iit.edu/

5. Victorian Station– all things Victorian  http://www.victorianstation.com/home2.html

6. Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes (ASH)  http://www.ash-nyc.com/AboutASH.htm

7. Victoriana– free online magazine, great articles and links http://www.victoriana.com/site_map.htm

8.  Historic New England Homes and events http://www.historicnewengland.org/

9.  Victorian Society in America – lectures, events, tours, classes http://www.victoriansociety.org/

10.  Jack the Ripper http://www.casebook.org/