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Legal Documents of Borden Case Personalities

So much can be learned about individuals by studying the wills, birth, marriage and death documents. Wills are particularly revealing in listing specific bequests to certain beneficiaries- and in some cases in what is not left to others. Below are thumbnails of some of the Borden case personalities’ documents. Click on thumbnail to enlarge and use ZOOM detail.

Bridget Sullivan                    Emma Borden                    Lizzie Borden

Sarah Morse Borden   Nance O’Neil          Edwin Porter

Last Will & Testament of Bridget Sullivan


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      Yes, Andrew was trained as a carpenter, and also had a furniture business with Mr. Almy. He also probably made coffins at one time as well- a receipt has been found for one he sold. Real estate seems to have been his ultimate money-making outlet though, and he bought a lot of it in the land buying boom during the 1870’s. The Borden Bldg alone boasted 44 offices and 12 arcade shops.

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