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Emma’s summer wardrobe

The following is a copy of a note to a dressmaker, Mrs. Cummings, dated March 23, 1897 from Emma Borden, written at Maplecroft.  (Copy courtesy of Mrs. Florence Brigham, Fall River Historical Society)

The little note is a good window into the personality of Emma as being a practical person, religious, and also caring as to the welfare of her friends and those who furnished services for her comfort.  Lizzie also concerned herself with the well-being and comfort of servants and staff.  The small, neat handwriting is refined and ladylike. By 1897 leg o’ mutton sleeves had grown very big as fashion dictated before disappearing altogether by the turn of the century.

“I received your message last evening and think you are very kind to remember me.  I hope to be in the country some this summer so think one dress will be all I need. India or China silk are useful as any thin dress and if you will bring a pattern of something with dark ground,something suitable for church wear and for calling. I will go to see you the middle of the week-I suppose you will be home by that time.

I hope this wind will go down before night that you may have a pleasant and safe passage to New York.

Truly yours, Emma L. Borden “

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