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Pear Essential Players One Day Only

Once a year the only dedicated amateur Bordenian thespian troupe gathers to put on their dramatization of events at the Borden house on August 4th.  There will be a new Lizzie this year and a few other new faces.  The amateur performers come together from all over the country only once a year on the 4th for this event.  The group was founded in 1993 and the cast has increased every year with this year’s cast featuring 16 character roles.  Tickets may be reserved by calling the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum at 508-675-7333.  Major credit cards accepted.  Tickets can be reserved for you in the giftshop for pick-up on the day of the event or purchased during giftshop hours.  Don’t be disappointed-tickets sell out fast!

Abby Borden- Shelley Dziedzic

Andrew Borden- Don Sykes

Lizzie Borden- Carol Ann Simone

Emma Borden- Barbara Morrissey

Uncle John Morse- Joe Radza

Bridget Sullivan- Suzann Rogers

Marshal Hilliard- Ray Mitchell

Officer Phil Harrington- Mark Lomastro

Dr. Bowen- Jack Sheridan

Mrs. Phebe Bowen- Ellen Borden

Addie Churchill- JoAnne Giovino

Dr. Dolan- Michael Shogi

Miss Manning- Eliza Marks

Nellie Bly, Intrepid Globe-Spanning Reporter- Katrina Shogi

Undertaker Winward- Jerry Pacheco

Alice Russell- Kristin Pepe

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  • Joe Radza

    We will have the best August 4th yet! I just feel it in my bones…or maybe it is just arthritis setting in 🙂 Break a leg everyone. A more talented, dynamic, and simply wonderful group of people does not exist. Thanks Shelley for all you do!! I will see you all soon…July 31… Joe (AKA Uncle John…..and remember I had nothing to do with these terrible murders…want me to name all those priests I saw on the trolley car???!!!)

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