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A Weekend with Lizzie Borden Not to Be Missed

For those who cannot get enough of the Borden Case, this will be a four-star weekend featuring the annual dramatization at the house on Second Street ( tickets on sale now at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast) and a VERY special exhibit which opens on August 4th and runs through September 30th at the Fall River Historical Society. For Letterboxers, a special letterbox will be hidden in Fall River to mark the 120th anniversary of the historic crime. Atlasquest.com will have the clue, so bring your stamp and notepad, an inkpad is provided in the box. To see the clue type Fall River, MA in the locator box at the Atlasquest.com site. Got Lizzie?  And how!

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  • Sandra Ann Broadhurst

    I lived in Fall River Ma. back in the 80’s across
    from Oak Hill were Lizzie Borden is buried.
    I was always interested in the history of the Borden Murders. I visited the graves; house;
    Historical Society; Library books; everything on Lizzie Borden. I recently saw a play on
    “The Trial of Lizzie Borden” here in Florida, where I live now.

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