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Lizzie’s grammar school sold to a restaurant

morgan21(photo courtesy of Keeley Library Photo Archive)

Once again Fall River is about to tear down a fine old building to make room for a parking lot.  The Morgan Street School, known as the N.B. Borden School more recently, was sold for a pitiful sum.  Last used in 2007 as a grammar school, there had been plans for the redundant building to be converted into a community center.  The layout inside would have been ideal for a city museum. Timetoast.com ran this article on its timeline about the sale of redundant schools in the city: ”

In February 2012, the city council delays sale on Belisle; awards bids for Osborn to SB&A Realty Group, Fall River, for $3,111 for professional building, and for N.B. Borden to TA Restaurant Inc., Fall River, for $5,000 for parking and possibly apartments. Council President Linda Pereira removes Pat Casey from RE Committee related to Belisle School controversy.

For more information on Lizzie at the school visit the W&W link below.


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  • Barbara Morrissey

    I wish Fall River would celebrate it’s past by preserving it’s architectural history. It seems parking spaces, devoid of any significance, are more crucial to the city that it’s history. I say thank the lord for a button/printing factory. If not “urban renewal” would have destroyed 92 Second St. years ago.

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