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Good Old Uncle John

23017445_119566315824Poor Uncle John Morse- left out the movie yet again. Morse, the brother of Lizzie and Emma’s real mother, went missing in both made-for-TV movies. He had been invited to spend the night before the murders in the guest room where Abby would be murdered the next morning. Morse was an early suspect and was followed by an angry throng the night of the murders when he went to mail a letter. Morse had a very detailed and iron-clad alibi but many still think he knew something about the murders. An eccentric, and ill-clad old bachelor farmer and livestock dealer, he seemed on kindly terms with his niece Emma but not very close to Lizzie. He probably wished until his dying day that he had not stopped by the day before. He is buried in Iowa. Oh, and he once had training as a butcher.


  • emma

    Actually considering how silly the lifetime movie was, I consider him lucky to have been excluded. I was more impressed with how nice the house on second street was, not to mention the parties Alice Russell threw, even managing to invite Nance O’Neil quite a few years before Lizzie met her. But since this was a Lifetime movie, I was just thankful that Lizzie didn’t wind up marrying the man who “rescued” her, Andrew Jennings, which is a usual staple of lifetime movies.

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