Dressing Miss Lizzie

Coming in May! Warps and Wefts is excited to announce the publication of “Dressing Miss Lizzie”, a collection of paper dolls featuring clothing Lizzie wore as described in newspapers of the day. The collection includes the famous Bedford cord dress, the pink wrapper, the funeral ensemble and other garments described during the trial and acquittal and some surprises.


  • Lizzie Borden

    Your new book looks fabulous and I can’t wait to read it. By any chance, did u happen to do a version of Lizzie’s murder dress? We all know she went to New Bedford 14 days before the murders to buy some “cheap material” of dress goods which was never found, according to the police report written by Officer Medley on August 5, 1892. Love you, Shelley, Kate Lavender.

    • administrator

      The Bedford cord which was burned in the stove is in the paper doll collection. The “pattern” dress which was described as having been bought just before the murders was found I believe in the trunk at the top of the stairs in front of the dress closet- unmade up of course.

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