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LizClipz Coming Soon!

Beginning on January 1st, W&W will begin featuring fascinating short clippings from the Fall River papers and other newspapers from 1892 through the present which concern Lizzie herself or the endless parade of personalities involved in the case. They will remain accessible here in a sort of clippings archive. There is much to be learned from these small snippets in print!

Fall River Globe, June 1892


  • Jersey

    Anyone know if this is true –
    One of the shows on Lizzie said that she stated after her acquittal, and after being ostracized from society, that when the truth came out about the murders, she wanted to see the looks on everyone’s faces, all the people who had been so mean to her and who thought she was guilty.
    Is this actually a Fact?
    I don’t believe she did it, but if she indeed said this statement, then she knew the Truth about who DID do it.

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