Happy Haunting


While some are happy that the house on Second Street will continue to operate as it has done since it opened for day tours and as a B&B, others are worried that the new owner will boost the popular paranormal focus on the historic home and leave history in the dust.

With the craze for the paranormal and supernatural over the past decade, just about every paranormal television program has made a stop at the Borden house in search of Lizzie or the ghosts of Abby and Andrew hoping to get the inside scoop on whodunnit. Seances, paranormal teams, ghost cams, and other ghost hunting equipment are nothing new to the house where two grisly murders took place. Although the B&B did not begin with this sort of focus back in 1996, over the years it has become a destination for otherworldly pursuits. Can history and ghosts live comfortably side by side? Both day and evening tour guides give the historical background on the murder case as they escort the curious through the 1845 home. What happens after dark is up to the overnight guests as many enjoy bringing their equipment and staying up all night to see what or who may show up! Borden case historians and case purists are standing by to see how it all will work out. One thing is for sure- interest in Lizzie Borden and the enduring mystery of what happened on August 4, 1892 will be around for a long, long time.



  • Kate Lavender

    If and when I ever make it to the house I will not be going to bother Andrew or Abby Borden. Let them rest in peace. As far as other paranormal entities, I have had enough contact with ghosts to last me a lifetime and I have the PTSD to prove it. They always call me by my birth name and for reasons that have always eluded me, they like to stick around playing pranks and causing mischief. Sooner or later, the dark one shows up. I had a demonic attachment in 1976 that lasted over a year and ended in physical violence. It still haunts me. If I come to Fall River, it will be to meet you, Miss Shelley, and maybe check out Maplecroft.

    • Shelley

      Yes, I agree- I am in favor of letting the dead rest in peace. As my ancient granny used to say, “It’s not the Dead I fear- it’s the Living I worry about!” Maplecroft is well worth the trip.

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